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Old City park is the first episode of Phase 3 of North Texas Explorer. Unlike most episodes, it utilizes a "tour guide" format that takes visitors through the facility in a mostly linear fashion.


Filming the episode

The episode begins with Devin summarizing the area history. Information about specific buildings at the park is relayed beginning with 1845 Miller Log Cabin and then progressing forward in time. At the 1861 Living Farmstead the character "Erastus Rausch" is interviewed as he does a blacksmithing demonstration. Additional building are discussed as well as the history of the railroad in the area.

After touring all the buildings and ending up in the main street section of the park, Devin discusses other features and events at Old City Park that are available to guests.

Background Information[]

  • The "tour guide" format used in this episode was used again in the Fossil Rim episode and then largely abandoned.
  • This is the only North Texas Explorer episode that mentions the next episode. This one teases the Fort Worth Stockyards episode.
  • There were multiple shoots involved in producing this episode.
  • Footage of the Tarantula Train from the Grapevine episode was utilized in this episode.
  • Special permission had to be procured for "Erastus Rausch" to fire his musket for this episode.