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Geo-RoadTrip is a series of travelogues featuring area science, history and culture. They are more informal than most Esteem productions and take place in different parts of the country. They are typically a more interactive experience as social media is utilized in an effort to include the audience. There have also been GeoRoadTrip: Short Trips produced for specific social media video platforms.

Geo-RoadTrip Topics[]

The Bighorn Mountains[]

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock

The Texas Hill Country[]

Mine Scoop

Mining equipment

The Minnesota Iron Range[]

  • The trip begins near Moose Lake, Minnesota where a few stops are made to check out Lake Superior Agate specimens at Moose Lake State Park. Driving through Duluth, the trip eventually leads to Park Point Beach where Devin explored the unique makeup of the beach sand. The next day, after a quick stop at the Greyhound Bus Museum, the trip heads to the Hull-Rust-Mahoning Iron Mine. Lots of giant mining equipment is on display. After that was a trip to the Minnesota Museum of Mining to see even more equipment and then finally to the Soudan Underground Mine State Park. Devin explored the dark, cavernous world of mining and got some historical perspective from the tour guide. The trip ends with a look at the Peanuts character statues in Saint Paul.
  • Watch the Minnesota Iron Range Geo-RoadTrip on YouTube

Death Valley[]


GeoRoadTrip: Short Trip Topics[]